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"Our God's true self is shown"--based on Belhar Article 4--suggested tune: CANTEMOS AL SENOR, 67 67 D, with refrain  (Sing! A New Creation #40)

Our Godís true self is shown

as One forever yearning                              

   to make real justice known,

make peace our greatest learning.

   God sets the captives free,

restores the blind to seeing

   and bears the outcastsí plea,

binds up each broken being.

Refrain:        Godís position is our mission!

                   Let us stand with the least and the lowly.

                   Let our serving be unswerving,

                   as we speak out for Love Pure and Holy.

God calls our true selves out

to follow holy leading,

   to end the widowís doubt,

give orphans what theyíre needing.

   When we learn what is right,

seek good where it is growing,

   our lives push back sinís night

and Godís true self is showing.                   Refrain


James Hart Brumm

Text copyright © 2008 by Brummhart Publishing.  For permission to use the hymn, please contact us at Permissions@BrummhartPublishing.com.

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Our Godís true self is shown

suggested tune: CANTEMOS AL SENOR (Sing! A New Creation #40)

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