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"Come join us in community"--based on Belhar Confession Article 2--suggested tune: McKEE, CM (Rejoice #410)

Come join us in community;

      the Church of Godís own Son

grows into a reality

      when we all live as one.

Come join us as we show our friends

      and shout out in the streets

how every hate and discord ends

      for people Jesus meets.

Come join us as we manifest

      Godís love in give and take,

in duties that bring out our best,

      and in the bread we break.

Come join us to confess Godís Name,

      Godís baptism, Godís cup.

We do not need to be the same

      to bond and be built up.

With every tool the Spirit gives

      we set all people free

to share the life that Jesus lives

      joined in community.

James Hart Brumm

Text copyright © 2008 by Brummhart Publishing.  For permission to use the hymn, please contact us at Permissions@BrummhartPublishing.com.

This we believe

suggested tune: CRUCIFER (Rejoice in the Lord #415)


Come join us in community

suggested tune: McKEE

(Rejoice #410)


Called to be salt, we share the flavor

suggested tune: RATHERVUE by Alfred V. Fedak (in Sing to our God New Songs of Rejoicing, Selah Publishing)


Our Godís true self is shown

suggested tune: CANTEMOS AL SENOR (Sing! A New Creation #40)

Out of obedience to Jesus

suggested tune: RENDEZ A DIEU (Rejoice #119)

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