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During Kathleen's sabbatical, she and James will be visiting Paris and Chartres, France, and Geneva, Switzerland to do research on Louis Bourgeois, the Genevan Psalter, and the early Calvinist reform, including the Huguenots.  Beginning in September, check here for a log of their activities and pictures of the sites they visit.

September 2, 2008:  We spent today getting all the details tied up: doing last-minute laundry, stocking the pantry for Christopher, collecting all the sundry items necessary for overseas travel, and making as sure as possible that we are prepared for tomorrow's journey.  Surely you don't want to see pictures of the melee!

Wednesday, September 3: The voyage begins.

Thursday, September 4: We arrive in Roissy-en-France, a suburb of Paris, and try to acclimate to the six-hour time change. 

Friday, September 5: The village of Chartres lies before us.

Saturday, September 6: Exploration.

Sunday, September 7: Back to Paris.  A very rude taxi driver, walking in Paris, and fun with coquilles and what the French do with lasagna.

Monday, September 8: The Louvre: well, almost.  Le Metro, Notre Dame, Sacre Coeur, la Tour Eiffel, and a very French supper.

Tuesday, September 9: The Louvre: second steps.  The museum of Orsay, Impressionism, Van Gogh.  Why Americans seem silly to Europeans: we can't even make change in Euros.  Boy, can these folks cook!

Wednesday, September 10: The Louvre: third time's a charm.

Thursday, September 11: The Louvre: a farewell visit for now.

Friday, September 12: On to Geneva! 

Saturday, September 13: Folks at Château Bossey, watches, a cold rain on a train, a wedding, and nesting for the night. 

Sunday, September 14: Geneva of the Reformation and centuries before, St. Peter's Cathedral underground, Swiss sausage and fondue, meeting international students at Château Bossey. 

Monday, September 15: More of Geneva, a boat ride on Lac Leman, walking the countryside.  

Tuesday, September 16: Searching for cheese, a last glance, and a ravaging loss. We return to Roissy-en-France. 

Wednesday, September 17: The voyage back home. 

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