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 Permission is granted free of charge to use any of the works listed below, provided the following conditions are met:

 The piece must be used in a service of Christian worship.

  The file may be reproduced in print or for projection, but we have to insist that it be reproduced as is, without editing or omission.  The size may be adjusted as necessary, and please add the date on which you use it.

  The score must be published along with the text; the text may not stand alone.

  We would appreciate knowing how you use the piece.  If you would, please send an electronic copy of your service paper to Orders of Service@BrummhartPublishing.comThank you!  We will not use your e-mail address to sell or rent to anyone else.  We have better things to do than waste our time looking at advertisements for things we do not care about, and believe you do, too.  If we do use your address, it will be in response to a request you make, or to garner information about or permission to use something you have sent us in an order of service.

  For use other than in individual parishes, religious communities, or one-time denominational gatherings, (e.g. inclusion in denominational hymnals, song collections, etc.) please contact us for terms.

          We are sorry to have to add this, but we do reserve the right to revoke the free permission if we find it is being abused, if we must for some legal reason we have not foreseen, or just because.... 

Kyrie Sanctus Acclamation How can we hear (SAUER JONES)

Be praised


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