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Good and loving God,

          your love is the model for all parents,

                        and we thank you for the ways

          in which our mothers showed us that love

                        in comforting our sadness, quelling our fears,

          teaching us about the world and our place in it.

Grateful for the gifts these women have given us,

                        we pray for all women to whom you have given

            the blessing and labor of motherhood.

   For young mothers,

          learning to care for their children and their needs,

     for experienced mothers,

          learning to let go of their kids,

      for mothers who can not or will not

            care for their children

                    and women who would be mothers if they could.

      For women who have seen the wisdom

               of finding their babies another home,

                        and mothers who have provided that home

                                 and protection.

       For foster mothers,

                for mothers of heart and mind, if not in body,

                        for all women who have protected, nurtured,

                               and taught,

                        and who have sacrificed themselves

                        for the next generation

                        and future generations of children.

        Grant to all mothers stamina and patience,

           let them take pride in the children they have reared,

                        and help us to honor our mothers

                                   in the way we live our lives.


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