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With all that came about in our personal lives in the year 1992, it is no wonder the name of this tune is True Peace.  It came into being for James' text "Each one of us yearns and pleads for peace", while our nation was at war in Iraq, our household had just moved to a new venue, my occupation had changed from student to pastor, and we had not yet had our new child for a year.  Amidst all this change and chaos, the still point held fast: we belong to a God who is faithful to us.  Whatever the externals look like, our faith gives us this confidence, and ultimately, those externals matter very little.

This arrangement of the tune is different from the original conception in that it is in a uniform meter, 3/4, where the first incarnation varied between 2/4 and 3/4 time.  The harmonies remain much the same.

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